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"Complete Chronic Pain Condition"

All You Need To Know To Fight & Treat Chronic Pain!


Considered by many to be the most realistic source of chronic pain information in the world today, this chronic pain book was not written by anybody in a position to exploit or condone the existence of chronic pain for profit.  Such books written by healthcare practitioners, pharmaceutical representatives, and the like, are usually only advertising pieces to promote “miracle cures” or moneymaking but usually ineffective approaches. Look at the source of online websites, mailed phamplets, or brochures: if they are coming from any of the aforementioned entities, you could be in the position of merely being goaded into buying some unnecessary service, or thing. Some could actually be damaging to the mental or physical state, others could possibly be beneficial; you must learn how to distinguish between them–one of the things covered in this book.

This pain book was written by a 30 year veteran sufferer who combined research conducted over a ten year period with first hand experience. During the years of researching for his chronic pain book, author David Navarria, co-founder of the Complete Chronic Pain Condition Organization, (CCPC Organization) realized that in most cases of extended chronic pain, a cumulative effect usually takes place with such sufferers. The consequence is an accumulation of additional afflictions, and issues and is the basis of other acquired problems. Physical, mental, emotional, medical, social, and political matters are just some of the elements involved in treating, influencing and governing this horrendous infirmity that resides with and beyond chronic pain.

The reality of a Complete Chronic Pain Condition is not an easy concept for a sufferer of chronic pain to grasp or accept. For most long-term chronic pain sufferers, acceptance of it as a possibility is really the doorway to the only means of valid treatment, and prevention of additional problems as well as the escalation of the ones they presently have.

The book is divided into three main sections:

An Introduction To Complete Chronic Pain Condition

Understanding People And The World In Which We Live

CCPC: Condition And Treatment

In  “An Introduction To Complete Chronic Pain Condition,” the author addresses the fundamental issues of pain.  The reader learns about pain, chronic pain, and complete chronic pain condition.

In “Understanding People And The World In Which We Live,” the author addresses the root of all social interaction of humans.  Here, the reader learns how these facts are connected to the world of chronic pain.  That connection includes sufferers, their families, their relationship to other sufferers, caregivers, governing forces, etc.

In  “CCPC: Condition And Treatment,” the author moves on to address the complete condition and all the things involved in the treatment of chronic pain.  The relationship of these established facts and how they impact effective treatment.

Some of the things covered in the pain book are:

Preventative measures to take

Stages of chronic pain

Depression and anxiety

Dealing with social matters

Social stigmas and how to deal with them and other social issues

Things that directly and indirectly affect chronic pain

Medication Issues

How to avoid being a target for profit makers

How to qualify a good doctor and other medical practitioners

How to deal with doctors and other medical practitioners

Mental and physical states and how they prey upon each other

How to work your way back to membership in the human race

And much more

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